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Building Connections

After publishing my book, Engage, Connect , Protect I dedicated myself to bringing my message to conferences around the world. Whether as a     keynote speaker or a workshop leader, I help break through the  boundaries that are limiting your team and get them ready to shape the future. Let me help you move from the world of yesterday's regrets to the world of tomorrow's victories.


Ashoka Fellow - A Philosophy for the Future

We are only limited by the things that we allow to limit us. The keys to success and productivity are already in our pocket. You just need someone to show you the lock and encourage you to open the door. 


Workshops and Keynotes

As an award-winning speaker and industry disrupter, I am excited about every opportunity to engage in conversations and activities that increase and expand the understanding of the importance of diversity in conservation.   Contact me, and we can design a workshop or presentation that fits the needs of your company, organization or agency.

A Tireless Advocate For the environment


Embrace the Future

What is it that is holding you in the present and keeping you from accessing an incredible diverse future workforce? This presentation is built on years working with federal land management agencies, environmental non-profit organizations and outdoor retail corporations who are trying to stay ahead of the next generation of environmental leaders.  I will help you and your team figure out, not just what is coming next, but how to internally prepare for what is coming next. 


The Real Connection

I developed this interactive presentation while working with environmental NGOs and federal land managers throughout North America. While there were plenty of talented people committed to the preservation of our natural and wild spaces, there were very few people from diverse backgrounds employed within the organizations or on their Boards.  Over the past 13 years, I have worked to change that demographic make-up.  I have built working partnerships and developed programming designed to foster understanding and promote cultural competency. 


The Future of Conservation

The ability to engage and retain a diverse workforce is challenging and exciting at the same time.  Organizations and companies have tried many different programs, initiatives and one-offs all geared towards the creation of a magical diverse workplace.  However, the truth may lie in the simple act of conversation and acceptance.  This is an opportunity to ask the difficult questions and receive honest and manageable feedback.  



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